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Rose Jumpah

rose jumpah

Meet Rose

Rose Jumpah is a BBSCF student currently attending  Keta Business School, and is turning heads with her passion for fashion! In just one semester, she’s already making patterns and sewing her own designs.

Pursuing Her Passion

Utilizing her school break time at the BBSCF Musical Village, Rose has been pursuing her passion for fashion design, bringing to life her own unique designs she plans to showcase at the Cultural Dance.

rose with sewing machine
rose holding skirt design

A Budding 
Fashion Star

Rose’s journey exemplifies the transformative change BBSCF brings to the region, empowering students to pursue their dreams and showcase their talents.

With your help we can do even more!

You can be a part of Rose’s journey and have a direct hand in creating more stories like these. Every donation helps us provide meals, supplies, tuition, health care and more! Join us in making a difference and creating a new path for an entire generation of children.

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