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Angela Asigbey

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Meet Angela

Angela Korkor Asigbey, a dedicated college student supported by the Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation, who recently completed a transformative internship at Ahiator Law Consultancy. Over the course of five weeks, Angela delved into various aspects of law, gaining invaluable hands-on experience and insights into the legal profession.

Learning & Growth

During her internship, Angela immersed herself in a dynamic environment conducive to learning. She diligently studied law books covering contract law, criminal law, and tort law, while also actively participating in real cases, including defilement, land, and divorce cases. Her dedication and enthusiasm for the work were evident as she contributed to meaningful legal proceedings and expanded her practical skills.


Courtroom Experience

One of the highlights of Angela’s internship was accompanying her boss and senior colleagues to various courts, including the High Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, and District Court. Witnessing young lawyers in action inspired Angela and deepened her understanding of legal proceedings and terminology.


An Invaluable Experience & 
Immeasurable Gratitude

Angela expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation for the unwavering support and encouragement. The generosity of the foundation and our donors has enabled her to pursue her passion for law and take significant steps towards a brighter future.

With your help we
can do even more!

Elias’s journey is a testament to the work of our foundation and the impact of your support. Join us in celebrating his achievements and the amazing strides our BBSCF students continue to make every day.

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