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John has an illustrious career spanning more than 30 years – as an actor, producer, musician; from the hit television series Full House to the Broadway stage to a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.  Though we could spend the rest of the afternoon talking about his credits, it is his charity work which impresses us most. He is the national spokesperson for Project Cuddle  - a resource to save newborns and children from being abandoned. He is a longtime volunteer for Give Kids the World – a nonprofit resort providing free week-long vacations to the families of children with serious illnesses. He has worked on behalf of the Special Olympics, the Kindred Foundation for Adoption, Operation Smile, and the Vanguard Cancer Foundation, founded by his mother.  And this year he and his wife Caitlin launched the My Saint My Hero jewelry brand, whose profits support ChildHelp – a resource for victims of child abuse. 

John Stamos, Actor. Producer. 2018 BBSC Foundation Award Recipient

john stamos



Father-Daughter Musical & Youtube Duo 

Dave and Claire Crosby are a father-daughter dynamic duo that create and produce musical and entertaining content for their social media platforms that garner millions of views. Dave and Claire have been featured on shows such as Ellen Degeneres and the Voice, in which they were strongly favored by Adam LevineBlake Shelton and Miley Cyrus. The Crosby family has a deep affection and understanding of the power of music and have chosen to support the BBSCF’s efforts to provide quality music education for the children in Ghana. Check out their youtube channel here

claire dave

Sidney Poitier was an academy Award-winning actor, humanitarian, and legend. He was awarded the 2015 International Leadership Award for his "ongoing commitment to the organization." 

Poitier grew up in poverty as the son of farmers, who also drove a cab. He had little formal education and at the age of 15 was sent to Miami to live with his brother, in order to forestall a growing tendency toward delinquency. In the U.S., Poitier first experienced the racial chasm that divides the country, a great shock to a boy coming from a society with a majority of African descent. A determination to find and create opportunities for African-Americans was born in him because of the poor treatment he received on the streets of Miami.


We are so thankful to Sidney, as he was a significant supporter, as well as his wife Joanna, who continues to support the BBSCF.

Sidney PoitierAcademy Award-Winning Actor. Humanitarian

sidney poitier

The late Lisa Marie Presley was a Southern girl at heart. Her earliest musical memories included obsessively listening to 45's in her bedroom at Graceland and of her dad catching her singing into a hairbrush in front of a mirror at the age of three. Aside from being a mother, wife and music artist, Lisa Marie always found time to help others. She founded two organizations in her lifetime: Presley Place and Presley Charitable Foundation. She also worked closely with CCHR and The Dream Factory

"That's what drives me — pouring your heart and soul into something and hoping that it can change someone's life in some way." 

Lisa Marie Presley, Musician. 2017 BBSC Foundation Award Recipient

lisa marie presley
Larry King


Established 2012

In honor of Sidney and Joanna Poitier we have built the pavilion which serves as a multi-use space for the BBSCF’s children to learn, eat, pray, and play.  We are so grateful for the Poitier’s support as we continue to expand the BBSCF’s efforts.  

poitier pavilion
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