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Elias Nyametse

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Meet Elias Nyametse.

Elias Nyametse is one of our amazing Musical Village students who has now reached their fourth year of Med-School. Through his hard work and dedication, Elias has made incredible strides in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree of Biological Science (Medicine) and is currently in medical training.

Getting To Know The Community.

As part of the Community Entry Program, Elias was among the health care team that arrived at Agogo. Here he interacted with the community to learn about the health challenges in the area and collect medical research data.​


Through his daily interactions with the community, Elias assisted in vital checks, routine medical exams, administered questionnaires, and collected data utilizing REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) technology.


Not only is this outreach great for the community, but also serves as a foundation for the medical research needed to understand the prevalent health conditions across the country. The data gathered could contribute to future policies to enhance healthcare nationwide.​

Hands-On Training

Following the Community Entry Program, Elias has moved into his first 8-week training rotation in Surgery. He is excelling and gaining hands-on experience with the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team. Upon completion, Elias will then proceed to 8-week rotations in Medicine and Pathology, each with specific sub-specialties. 


With your help we
can do even more!

Elias’s journey is a testament to the work of our foundation and the impact of your support. Join us in celebrating his achievements and the amazing strides our BBSCF students continue to make every day.

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