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I am Clark Adjorlolo. 17 years of age and I am in grade 8. I lost my parents at the age of 10. They went out fishing one Saturday morning and never returned home. Sad but life goes on.  My community is Awornya.

Awornya appears to be a sleepy village, on the outskirts of the Volta Lake A poverty stricken town, its ordinary inhabitants lead quiet lives and struggle to eke out a living. Fishing is the only employment and we all struggle when fish is not in season. 

Despite all odds, I remained undeterred in my quest to accomplish more in life through sheer determination, resilience and hope for a better future. Awornya suffers from a pervasive cycle of health problems and unemployment. The pursuit of happiness in life gets hampered by the absence of quality education and healthcare.

In the year 2011, a ray of hope emerged in the form of the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation Youth Centre. The Musical Village as it is called was established few meters from the mud house where I have lived for over 16 years. Unaccustomed to change, people in my community harbored apprehensions that the Musical Village, will only serve children from affluent families. I was so sad upon hearing.  I was also frustrated by the poor quality of education at my local government school and I wondered what might become of me in the future. I was eager to write a new chapter in my educational journey. And I knew there was hope at the end of the tunnel.

On August 25, 2014, I secured a scholarship at the Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation . I was going to be looked after from primary school to tertiary education. AMAZING!! Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation is to pay for all my school fees and supplies and also provide supplemental tutoring, and music lessons that range from traditional drumming and dancing to classical piano and guitar. 

Looking back at my school years, I grief in tears of joy. The Musical Village is home to me. The winds of change sweeping across Ada East District has taken the entire community by surprise. The Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation is changing the outlook of my fellow children in my community and giving us hope and skills to follow our dreams. 

I had no motivation to even go to school before. I am now performing exceptionally well academically and my results and overall transformation proved this. 


Thank you Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation.

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