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Rebecca Tetteh

Get To Know Rebecca

Rebecca Tetteh, a dedicated 4th-year student majoring in BSC Nursing with aspirations to become a Nurse Practitioner, is making significant strides in her education. Currently enrolled at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), she is actively engaged in clinical practice at the Juabeng Municipal Hospital in Kumasi.

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Exploring EENT Nursing

In the realm of EENT (eye, ear, nose, and throat), Rebecca demonstrated her commitment to learning by exploring the intricacies of the anatomy and physiology of the eye. Engaging in active patient care, she observed and assisted in various procedures, such as the removal of foreign objects from the eye and the meticulous execution of vision tests.

Rebecca's Holistic Healthcare Journey

In theater nursing, Rebecca actively engages in discussions on surgical instruments, aseptic techniques, and intraoperative nursing, participating in procedures like Cesarean sections and vesicovaginal fistula repairs. This hands-on experience contributes to her evolving understanding of nursing practices. Rebecca also worked with the Family Planning Unit of Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Kumasi, delving into contraceptive methods, gynecology history from women of diverse culture, and participated in procedures such as implant insertions and removals. This practical exposure highlights the importance of non-judgmental care and client-centered healthcare in her holistic approach.

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Nurturing Tomorrow: Rebecca's Journey Continues

Rebecca's journey in nursing education is a testament to resilience and commitment. As she advances toward her degree, your support becomes the cornerstone of her success. With your generosity, students like Rebecca can break barriers and flourish in their academic pursuits. Join us in shaping brighter tomorrows through education. Your contributions are the catalysts for transformative change.

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Your ongoing support is pivotal to Rebecca's educational journey. Help her continue making a positive impact on healthcare by donating today.

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