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A Letter From Our President Ernie Poublon

I apologize for not sending this message earlier in the week.  I would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you for the fantastic welcome!  It was a very emotional entrance and we were very touched.  The children, you and all the staff made us feel very special while in fact it’s all of you that are very special. 

The hospitality displayed by “EVERYONE” was completely overwhelming.  The smiles and hugs very genuine, and the staff cooked up a storm!  The food was absolutely delicious!  I cannot get over the huge smiles and how well behaved the students are.  Each one with a smile as big as the stars!

Clearly this is not just a job for either of you.  Both of you are to be commended for your involvement.  The passion you have is worn on your shoulders and radiates through the children. Please tell all the kids hello and send our love.  Remind them, (from me) to reach for the stars everyday and always always approach their day with high energy!

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