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Jason Sanders is our dedicated Director of Operations, whose immense contributions have truly enriched our team. In the past year alone, he went above and beyond, visiting Ghana twice to personally connect with the children and staff, earning their adoration. With a background in business and construction, Jason’s invaluable expertise has played a pivotal role in overseeing foundation grounds’  repairs and ensuring the successful execution of projects with contractors.


His inspiring dedication to maintaining a safe and conducive environment for all of our students to learn and excel is a testament to his exceptional commitment to our mission. Furthermore, as a father himself, Jason brings a deeply compassionate perspective to our work. He inspires us with his visionary outlook, to continuously identify future projects and opportunities for the foundation’s growth.

What’s Even more remarkable is that Jason tirelessly manages two roles, not only working for the foundation but also running his own business. His abilities to balance these demanding responsibilities makes him an even bigger asset to our foundation, demonstrating his commitment to our cause. Jason is truly an irreplaceable and inspiring member of our team. 

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