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Co-founder & President
Brigitte Poublon

Bringing to life a vision of hope and progress for the children of Ada, Ghana.


Brigitte Poublon: The heart & driving force behind the BBSCF

Brigitte Poublon is a passionate advocate for children's empowerment, dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty through education and community development. As the Co-Founder and President of the Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children's Foundation (BBSCF), she brings a wealth of experience and a heart-driven commitment to transforming the lives of underprivileged children in Ada, Ghana.

Bringing change through the power of
philanthropy and collective action

Brigitte's journey began in 2009 after her transformative visits to Ghana, where she was deeply moved by the resilience and spirit of the community in Ada. Driven by her own upbringing in poverty, she founded the BBSCF with a mission to address the pressing issues of food insecurity and lack of education in the region.

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New milestones and a wide range of initiatives

In recent years, the BBSCF has achieved remarkable milestones under Brigitte's leadership. The foundation has evolved to encompass a wide range of initiatives, including school and college tuition, provision of essentials like clothing, uniforms and textbooks, as well as healthcare services, stipend money, accommodations, and more. Notably, the Community Food Project also saw significant growth, with meals increasing to over 8,000 monthly, providing the children with 3 meals per day and snacks.

Focused on creating a nurturing environment to empower young minds

The overall educational experience expanded to offer our students recreational activities, drumming, dance and music programs, as well as IT lessons and access to desktop computers. In addition, all university students received laptops to support their studies. Today, the BBSCF is focused on creating a nurturing environment that fosters education, health, and community development to empower young minds so they can realize their full potential.

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Making a lasting impact in Ada Foah, Ghana

Since BBSCF's inception, Brigitte's commitment has resulted in expanding initiatives to tackle hunger and poverty in the region. Under her guidance, BBSCF has become a beacon of hope, transforming the lives of children in Ada and offering them a brighter future.

Bobby Sherman: The Ballad of Hits, Heartthrobs & Heroic Acts

Enjoy this amazing interview with BBSCF Founders Bobby Sherman & Brigitte Poublon by Sandy Kaye.

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Heartfelt letters from individuals who's lives have been impacted by Bobby & Brigitte's generosity. Read More

Join us in our fight against
poverty & hunger.

Join Brigitte in the journey to uplift the children of Ada, Ghana. Become a donor today and be a part of the transformative impact.

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