Jim Sanahene completed his HND & BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kumasi Polytechnic and Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology respectively. Jim specialized in Facilities Design and Human Engineering. Concerned with man-machine systems, Jim collaborated with Dr. Paul R. Sachs (Executive Director, NHIS, Pennsylvania) and other mental health professionals to found the For All Africa Foundation (FAAF). Jim has written a number of mental health articles to direct the hearts and minds of policy makers to put priorities on mental health in Ghana. In 2013, along with colleagues, he prepared a presentation about the accomplishment of FAAF at the Institute of for Psychiatrist Services conference of the American Psychiatric Association. 

In August 2014, Jim joined the Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation as the Assistant Programs Manager and in 2018 became the Director of Operations. Jim focuses inwardly on the internal consistency of programs and outwardly on the programs coherence with the Ghanaian community. Jim works with BBSCF Management to set strategic goals. He then translates these into specific operational objectives. Part of the objective-setting process includes deciding on key performance indicators to assess how project objectives are being achieved. Jim’s passion is empowering rural children with a can-do attitude to succeed. Jim holds MSC in Engineering Project Management from Coventry University, UK.