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Brigitte PoublonBrigitte Poublon
Founder, CEO

People ask me why we have a musical village. I say that it is because music heals and children need more than just a roof over their head.


The Brigitte & Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation was started in 2011.  Brigitte and Bobby both had extensive experience contributing to non-profit organizations.  In particular, Bobby founded the Bobby Sherman EMT Foundation, a Los Angeles –based organization that supplies non-profit community events with qualified emergency medical technicians and equipment. Brigitte and Bobby wanted to make a larger and more personal commitment to help the most vulnerable in society – children in developing countries.

Our initial work in Ghana provided at risk children with food, clothing, healthcare and education in the cities of Ada and Accra.  We continue to provide those services today.  In addition, we offer a music and arts program consisting of lessons and instrument making.  The children also have access to mentoring and workshops on a variety of topics, most focused on personal care.

In 2012 we started construction of a youth center in the city of Ada, approximately 70 miles from Accra.  Five buildings are completed:  kitchen, staff quarters, classroom, dormitory, and The Pavillon, a multi-purpose building for dining, recreation, and musical instruction and performance.   Future construction will allow us to double the number of children we serve from 30 to 60 and have dedicated space for music and art instruction. 

We continue to be inspired by the children we serve and our dedicated team in Accra and Ada.   Please join us in our mission.  Your donation will make a difference to our children and staff who serves them.



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